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About Amanda, the founder of AK Bradley Law

I was born and raised in the State of Texas by die-hard Cardinals fans and St. Louis transplants. I went to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, where I got bachelor’s degrees in history and psychology. I learned that neither of my degrees would help me into a good career, so I decided to go to law school. I went to Washington University in St. Louis and graduated in 2003.

After graduating from law school and passing the Illinois bar exam in 2003, I began practicing family law in Madison and St. Clair counties. I expanded my practice to more counties over the years, litigating in many courthouses and helping numerous clients. I handled family law, criminal law. and personal injury cases and was lead counsel on a few jury trials. In that time span, I argued hundreds of motions and participated in numerous trials.

In 2012, my life took a dramatic shift when I developed chronic migraine disease. After spending nine years litigating, trying cases, and arguing motions, my body told me it was enough. I had spent my days in a suit standing before judges and my nights and weekends trying to solve the world’s problems. I realized that I could no longer continue like that.

Now, I focus my career on the strength of my writing. In 2013, I helped define Illinois Guardianship law for minors. In 2015, I appealed the only known Illinois Religious Freedom Restoration Act case. Since focusing my career on appeals and trial memorandums, I have written persuasively and successfully across the State. The nature of our work often means I am in the law library or hard working writing for our clients. Want to reach out? Email us!

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