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  • In re A.W., 2013 IL App (5th) 130104

    I represented a minor child on appeal. The Appellate Court ruled that the child's step-mother was entitled to a hearing, overturning the trial court.

  • In re Marriage of Haertling

    I represented a mother after the trial court denied her petiton to determine child support. The Appellate Court overturned the trial court's decision and remanded the issue to determine child support.

  • In re Guardianship of S.M.T.

    At trial, the grandmother was given guardianship of the child using the wrong law. I secured a new hearing with the proper application of the law for the mother.

  • Essner v. Buck's, Inc

    After losing at trial. the other side appealed the trial court's decisions. I successfully defended my client against a corporation to ensure the decision was upheld.

  • Woody v. Granite City, et al

    I represented a person found liable of committing a crime when his actions were a part of his religious beliefs. The case was sent back to court for a new hearing.

  • In re Marriage of Brown

    After losing at trial, I appealed the verdict for the father. The case was remanded for a new custody (allocation) hearing and a redetermination of child support.